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Set yourself apart from the competition by already offering IoT Products and sell your customers what they´ve always wanted. Due to our wide range of products and different kits you can perfectly respond to the wishes of your customers. Besides be sure that with us you have a permanent contact person for our products.

How to become a partner:

1- Get to know us

Request more information by contacting us.

2 - Meet us

Meet with us to clear up all your doubts and/ or questions.

3 - Formalize it

Sign the contract that makes you a supplier of our products.

4 - Get an advanced training

We will give you and your employees a lot of knowledge about our products so that you can easily sell and install our products.

5 - Start now

Start selling our products and see the satisfaction of your customers. If you have any question about the products, we are always available.

Our partners:

On the one hand there is the possibility to become a partner by combining your platform with our system. On the other hand it is also possible that you sell and install.

Example for the integration of a platform:

Through the open API, any platform can be used to control the Smart Home. The same can be said about our partners from Grinpass. Grinpass offers a platform for the control of smart homes. With our IoT HOME HUB and accessories we offer the hardware needed to build a smart home. When we combine both products, our customers benefit from a well-functioning smart home.

Juan Sánchez Tavares - CEO of Grinpass:

"Sinapse provided us the IoT controller solution we were looking for in record time, in an environment of mutual collaboration and constant communication, so we can offer our customers an optimal and robust Smart Building solution."

Only together we can create real smart homes:

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